Notecard Ordering Info

All of the images on this order form are available for sale as notecards. 6 cards come in a pack. You can mix and match or have 6 of one image. Packs are $15.00. The individual cards retail for $2.95 each but as a pack of 6 you essentially get one free.  Orders for larger amounts will be discounted accordingly. Please call for specifics.

If you order 4 or more packs you’ll save an additional $1.00 per pack. Orders of 24 cards or more are also discounted. (For use as Christmas cards, Sympathy notes, etc)

Shipping per pack is $1.95 a pack or based on weight if purchased in large quantities.

Email or call 603-387-0886 for more information.

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 White Mlountain Art Notecard Order Form